Mencipta Kejayaan Perak

At the dawn of this Perak BN state government in 2009, one imagines that the likes of Datuk Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir and the rest of the leadership knew winning the state in the 13th General Elections will be a tall order. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the takeover, many Perakians would have felt that their voice were being superseded by party political intrigues.

As much as BN did their very best to demonstrate the constitutionality of their actions and the hypocrisy of Pakatan Rakyat who had themselves so unashamedly clamoured for defections en route to September 16, the fact remained that the Perak episode posed a public relations problem. An almost insurmountable problem – all people had to say was that “we voted one government, but we got another”. In a climate where the sanctity of democracy commands large traction, such sentiment has fatal qualities for Perak BN.

Faced with this, Zambry’s administration knew that only hard facts and figures would give him any chance of retaining government. 3 years in, with the Perak Aman Jaya tagline, this tactic has become crystal clear, even if the political dividends will only become apparent when elections come.

Here are some of the key figures Zambry hopes will hold sway. In bread and butter economic issues, his administration can stand tall.

  • His Public Housing Program sees homes as cheap as RM35 thousand made available to low income families.
  • Over 700 small businesses have been given microcredit access.Through the Aman Jaya Career Centre, over 17 thousand high-paying jobshave been made available to young Perakians.
  • Access to student loans and scholarships.Over RM550 million spent on road and bridge works.

There are many more detailed facts to argue that Perak and Perakians are better off now than they were in 2009. Neither have there been any suggestion that democracy is less alive under BN than Pakatan. Whether this is enough to keep Pangkor Pele in Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan remains to be seen.


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