Perak’s primadona

Off late Nizar Jamaluddin has managed to compile a performance worthy of any HBO drama series when he turned up at an UMNO function and plonked himself on stage. Nizar is no stranger to wild west spagetti dramas with the ‘PATIK MOHON DERHAKA TUANKU’ incensing the Perak Royal palace and the many Malays who adore their crown regent. Nizar Jamaluddin was also exposed by the Chief Minister Dato Zambry Abdul Kadir in state parliament’s recent seating as a irresponsible state MP that hardly goes back to his own constitiuence in Pasir Panjang ,neighbouring Zambry’s own backyard.
Like most PR pretenders,Nizar went on to say that if PR coalition were to win the Federal elections (GE13) that BN will use its clout on the military and assume a backdoor coup. Funny enough, his presence within his own party has been quite sullen and no one echoes or agrees with his wild rants. Instead of talking up a sexy economic plan or just simply bastardising Buku Jingga for Perakians, Nizar’s grand plan is as empty as a char keuw tiau plate in Canning garden.

Fact is, Nizar has nothing to offer on the policy and economic front, development of KInta Valley and satellite towns like Kuala Kangsar or Taiping but instead offering a thespian performance of the highest order. Hopefully its last episode will not be titled ‘crash’ like his overturned Camry that he didnt want to return to the state govt.


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